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Peaceful LIFE.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

watched the grudge 2 yesterdae at yishun.
its lame.a movie wibout any meaning.
everywan who acts in this movie died.
like duh..
anyway i had the most fun time wib hunnie.yea :)
i cant upload yesterdae photo we both took
bcus its gone.i dun know where it when.
maybe my bro or dad delete it by accident.
*hmmmpp* so bad sey.
or maybe it jush dissapear like that and the question is how..?
dun know whats wrong wib my comp.all sort oready.
okey nemind.we can always take a new pictures.right.
den i'll upload it okey.
okey lets talk bout todae.
when library to returned all library book i've borrowed.
i dint even read any of them.actualy its only one book.haha.
lazy larh.den people will ask mi.why did u borrowed in the first place?haha :P
dun ask mi okey.hehe.
den when jurong point.bought debbie diary.yea.what i always wanted.
den off to banquet to makan.
ate hotplate beef horfun,carrot cake and popiah.
i dint finish everything up okey and im not the onli one who ate all this foods.hahaha.
im wib my other two siblings.yea.
kenyang oready but iira still thinking of buying coffeebean drinks.
so buy onli larh.expensive tau!
i bought two drinks.
iira dint pay a cent *hmmmmmp*
u mush blanja mi back okey.haha.
den we walk home.so tired sia.
half way home,daddie call up asking where am i.
den i said im near to home oready.but daddie still wanna pick us up.
but i say nemind.
reach home oready.yea grandma's back.
happy to see her home.bcus i know she dint like staying in hospital.
so grandma n grandpa will be staying wib mi.
both grandparents will be sleeping at iira room.
and all my siblings will be sleeping at my room.woah!so cramp sey.
haiya.okey larh i think thats all will do okey.yea :)

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