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Peaceful LIFE.

Monday, November 27, 2006

You say you care,
And that you'll always be there,
Now i know it was all an act,
So give urself a pat on the back,
Cuz i fell for it,
You lied straight to my face,
You called me your best friend,
But now i'm nothing,
It's like i don't matter anymore,
You don't treat me the same,
It's like i was just a game,
You treated me like your friend,
For a certain amount of time,
You used me,
Then threw me away,
I can still call you my best friend,
But people wonder why,I didn't stand up earlier,
And tell you how i felt,
This has been going on for a while now,
But i guess once again,
It's my fault.
Your words cut like hot knives stabbing at my soul..
Thrashing me with the accuracy of Jack the ripper on a mission to cause havoc on the lives they say he stole Some part of me wonders if what you say is true...
another part, the paranoid part wonders if those words were writen by you..
I can only take your word for it, and at face value that will have to do...
but something was lost that night...
something between me and you...
Once we were almost one,we would speak before the other...
now you've gone and stabbed me...
and I have ran for cover..
Im scared to say any of the words...
that lay deep with in...For I am waiting..cowering...
for you to stab me again...
I wonder if you even care about those words which were once said and if the notion of my feelings even popped up in your head?
I ponder at the reason why..
and I only draw a blankFor, I can only blame myself...
so its me who I should thank?
I guess its easy to forget...
when it doesnt directly impact on you..
.But my thoughts are left scattered..
and I dont know what to do...
I will bounce back up like I always do, to be pushed and kicked again...
And again I'll end up laying there..all to be your friend..
to my broken friend,
thanks for all the sharing.the loving.the caring u gave me.
i dint thought this would happened but it does.
i mish everything we had together.
but this have to end.
i dint wan to.no i dint.i wan to stayed but i cant.
because you push mi aside and not giving me any chances nomore.
why you easily give up on me?
i know it's all my fault.
im sorry..i give in ):
you're still my beshfrend after all although for you im nothing.

-------------------A world Of PeaCe--------------- ; {Monday, November 27, 2006}


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