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Peaceful LIFE.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

not feeling good today
im sick seriously im sick..
asthma+running nose+stomach ache=?????
sowie dear if i dint act normally..
my mum keep pressing hard on mi
forces mi to do this and that
im sick..can i get any rest or sumtink??
wake up in the morning..
wash myself and getting ready to go geylang..
i wanna stay at home but my mum wanna buy baju raya
if i dun go,i wont get any of them..
to mi this year raya wasnt fun at all..
baju raya all the same like last tyme
im sick and i hardly choose what new baju i wan..
at last i bought brown wib stripes baju kebaya panjang separate wib scarf..
planing of buying everytink purple but my dad doesnt wan to bcus it so lecey..

hopefully my guy had brown baju kurung too haha :D
reach home nearly 5pm and my mum wanna work
and she jush left everytink behine which lit mi to a stress..
im d one who have to clean up everytink..haish..
my sis dint even wan to help wahh so fucked up sey..
so stress living in such a world!!
nemind..fasting month everytink mush go wib patience..
yesh patience..till wen?dun know..

chaz msg mi saying that his sorry if i get ignored by him..
yar i tink everywans ignoring mi ryte now..
duno know y..
saying that his bz over sumtink which i dun know what..
working?i tink so..
saying that a gerl which he like so much came back in his life
well thats good for u chaz im happy for u :)
thought that u will never msg mi even haha
but u jush did jush now
haha can u see how excited i was?
and i called u straight away hehe :P
well its nice talking to u again its been so many days i dint talk to u rite haha :D
sowie lar bout my senggau voice okey im sick lar :)

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