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Peaceful LIFE.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

not going to skewl todae haha
lazy lar..
im bored staying at home for da whole day
so decided to go library wib my younger sis n bro..
walking instead of taking d bus
save ezlink mah..
go to a shop near by,bought chocolates n drinks..
den walk to d library
returns all d book i've borrowed last 2 days ago..
den off to find a place to sit n read books
sit in d library for about 1 or 2 hours..
cnt remeber lar hehe =P
finding wat i wanna read n borrow
der were kids running around..
n their mother was lyk dun care
stupid sia mother lyk tat dunno how to take care of their own childrens..
n der were kids age around secondary skewl student..
they treat d library lyk a void deck or sumtink
played paper plane,crush unwanted paper into a ball n started throwing at one another..
arent they old enuf to played all tish kids stuff?
i was sick n tired of sitting n i felt hungry
go jurong point long john silver n ate
"breaded fish with rice" its a new meal cost oni for $3
i bought 2 set of breaded fish with rice n 1 set of combo 1
d new meal wasnt taste so nice..
taste salty n sour..not nice..
den my younger sister told mi she saw khairul anwar..
i duno lar bcuz i never see him,der were many people walking around..
den wanna go home i was walking den i realise my younger sis did not carried her beg along wib her..she did bring along her neg actuali..
i ask her where's ur beg?den she quickly ran to long john silver to take her beg..
luckly nowan took it..
if not i have to pay all da lost library books..
took a bus home..
rest myself at home n now updating my blog =)

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