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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

wat should i say bout todae??
hmmpp..im hapie and at da same tyme im mad wib sumwan..
haish..who else made my temper go up?its my hubbie of cuz..
he is so unfair n not appreciating wat i've done..but y??
wat did i ever dont anitink wrong to him..?*sob sob*
ok..his handfone not werking n decided to make a repair yesterdae..
but da building was close during peak hour..n decided to go todae..
n too his not werking so we can both go to da building together rite..
n den he said his tired,ok fine i understand n i go wib my sister instead..
oreadi settle wib da handfone,he ask mi for permission..asking if he can meet his fwens go riding
as he awaes do wen he got da free tyme..
n i was tinking..y dun u meet mi instead of meeting ur fwens?im da wan who ask u out ferst rite..
if u go wib ur fwens den wat bout mi..?cant u feel how i feel?y fwens are all to u..?
u spend more tyme wib ur fwens n less tyme wib mi..you are soo unfair..
n about da fone..u didnt even say thx you to mi for sending ur fone for repair..
i walk 1 big round to reach da building n da weather was damn hot..
i was sweating all da way..n even take wrong numbe Q ..
arent u appreciate wat i've done?
u noe y i let u off wib ur fwens?bcuz i dun wan u to get mad wib mi..i dun wan u to feel tat im not understanding to u..i noe how u feel wen i did not give u anitink u wan..but dun u feel da same as wat i feel bout u??dun u feel how kind i was to let u off although i did not wan to??dun u feel wrong wen u dun appreaciate wat i've done??you are so unfair..reali unfair..

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