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Peaceful LIFE.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

its been 3daes i skip afternoon lesson haish..
haha duno y lar i've been ssoooo lazy now =)
on tuesdae i skip grinding class..
on wednesdae i skip theory class..
n todae i skip milling class..
more worst,last mondae wen i was having grinding class..my teacher ask mi wheater i come for tomorow lesson n i said yesh hahak but wen da dae comes i did not attend =P
he mush be thinkin tat i lied to him..duh..
skip milling class for todae?duh..*rolled eye* i reali hate da teacher!!
milling machine cannot be used can still forced mi to used it..
in d end i hurt my hands bcuz i forced da wheel to turn..
haish..old machine mah so mush forced abit..
how i wish i could go digital media design (DMD) or change a new shuwit teacher..a lady mayb?
not all wishes may come true rite..
todae i actuali doin nutink in skewl..
ferst lesson hmmmmp comp skill......learnt nutink!!
teachers fite over who take which class..as if there is no other class in tish skewl..
how stupid!!
n da teacher never teach a tink bcuz his rushing to other skewl n he realise us at 10.30am
supposed to realised us at 11 plus..
i sit in da canteen wib twee..nutink to do jush ate my bread which i brought frm home..
sssooooo B.O.R.E.D,see peoples walk here n there hahak
twee wanna attend milling class half way n at 2.45pm she wanna go home..
n i told her if wanna go half way better not go bcuz my teacher n her teacher are totally diffirent..we are in separate class actuali..
at last we both go home..
YEY!! tomorow got PE mush go!!

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