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Peaceful LIFE.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

on my way to grandma's houz..

meet my grandma for awhile
den go westcoast park played kites wib my family..
so fresh todae..good for day dreaming hehek =P
sitting beside my mum lyk we were hafin pinic..
eat my mc chicken n coke while watching my dad flew da kite..
i wanted to try to flew da kite but den da wind is so strong n da kite'sstring snap haha =D

n my sis haf to take da falling kite far away frm my sitting place hahak
i saw her slipper snap also n she blame it on mi bcuz im da wan who ask her to take da kite as she's a fast runner n im not hehek =P

it was bad for mi bcuz i ignore her n ate my mc chicken haha (im sorie den wat do u expect mi to do hehek =P)
den sit beside my sis feeling so bored..den i decided to make a swing using tree leaves hahak..wat a stupid plan..but oni light ppl cn use it lar..if heavy of coz da leaves cannot support da weight rite hahak..

photo of my sis swinging herself on da leaves i made:

haha cnt u guys see she's barefooted?

look rite fun huh but too bad i cnt ride on it bcuz im heavy mah..

den my dad scolded us saying tat da trees is frm da government hahak =D
yar yar i noe its stupid for mi to do da stupid stuff =P
i took some leaves to make a tiara for my sis haha
it won't last long actually
den we played soccer wib my younger brother
its raining n we are all soaking wet
love playing in da rain YIPPIE =P
n..its tym to go home..
yey haf so much fun jush now =)

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